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Hey you, I’m Dr. Orie and I would love for us to get to know each other!

Let’s Start From The Beginning

For over a decade I’ve focused my attention on understanding your brain, how it forms and functions, and what’s needed to help young people like you actualize your fullest potential. Along the way I created many award-winning products and ventured into notable projects to help you get the best start in life. A pediatric health surveillance system that transforms what’s often fragmented information about a patient into structure data clinicians can use to make timely care decisions, a state bill mandating treatment for student athletes suffering from head injuries, and a clinical assessment tool to help health professionals prescribe treatments that better align with your developmental stage are just a few.

How Did I Get Here?

I developed a passion for your care when working with a young lady who would routinely come to the hospital presenting with issues that were symptoms of a larger problem in her life: adjusting and relating to the world around her. The young lady was treated for her anxiety and cutting but I always knew that what she really needed was help to better cope with all of the changes that were happening to her: hormonal and body changes, the highways in her brain re-routing, stress, new freedoms, social and academic pressures, changing relationships, her first introduction to adult responsibilities, and the list of teen/twentysomething issues continue. At the time, I was in a hospital setting which didn’t allow me to dive deeper into her problems. To this day, I’m still unsettled by the fact that I was not able to help her in the way she needed.

From that point, my eyes were open for opportunities to connect with you all on a deeper level. Eventually a speaking engagement with a youth audience landed in my hands. After this experience, I ventured into the speaking circuit and started creating a platform to have ongoing conversations with young people about what’s going on in your heads.

What You Taught Me

For the next five years I tested different delivery styles with kids of all ages, from elementary age to college and post-college (the really big kids). What I learned from you all is that you would appreciate an expert perspective on wellness and life planning that is relaxed and doesn’t feel like talking to an authority figure. You also taught me that living well is a priority, from healthy habits to building a life that lets you experience what the world has to offer.
With these factors in mind I created Generation Wellness Radio to give you up to the minute insights about the wellness+life topics you care about. You can also email me questions you may have at using the subject line “Hey Dr. Orie”. Episodes are released on iTunes every Wednesday.

Wait, There’s More For You

In addition to talking about the issues that are on your mind, I also want to prepare you mentally and physically for the next steps you’re taking. Some of your next steps are going to try your patience, courage, creativity (hence, ingenuity due to lack of resources), and resiliency. Others are going to challenge you to push your stamina and endurance. Since these areas don’t get much attention as you get busier I developed the ThrivePlanner™ to help you proactively work on them while also making progress on your daily to dos and big dreams. You can think of it as a life coach in your pocket!

More Resources!

You can also use my pinterest page as a destination for health and lifestyle tips and ideas that will help you become the healthier, stronger, more confident and resilient person you know yourself to be. Also, peruse my wellness lifestyle collection, Nourish Apothecary, for the plant-based edibles+accessories you need to push the limits of your mind, body, and creative soul.

I didn’t forget that you may need to refocus and evaluate your progress and way of doing things from time to time. To help you do so, check out my e-courses. They are designed to help you work through the challenges that seem to just pop up in your life. While you’re at it sign up for my Generation Wellness Newsletter to get announcements about workshops and other immersive experiences that I’ll host just for you.

Let’s Talk

Should you want to connect with me immediately, or want to tell me a little about yourself, you can always reach me anytime via Facebook or Twitter. You can also drop me a line in visual form via Instagram or video your question using Snapchat. If this is a question you’re okay with me answering on my podcast (I never mentioned your name) then send it to me using using subject line “Hey Dr. Orie”. Choose the method that works for you and ask any questions that comes to mind. I’m here for your benefit! Always!

Peace & Health,
Dr. Orie

P.S.: Now that we know each other, let’s stay in touch. I’d love to send you savvy resources and exclusive content that I don’t share anywhere else via my newsletter Generation Wellness Newsletter.