Youth Motivational Speaker

Guess what? Dr. Orie was never one of the cool girls growing up! She knows exactly what it is like to be teased about your looks, interests, and just about every aspect of who you are. She truly empathizes and understands how youth today struggle to find themselves in a world that has an increasingly narrow ideal of what girls, and boys, should be.

In her talks, she gets real about these challenges and provides hope and insights to help young people keep things in perspective, from health to finding their purpose to realizing the potential that’s within.

Topics she covers include puberty and general teen/young adult health, preconception health, body image, nutrition, self-esteem, physical fitness and body changes, relationships – friends, family and significant others, stress management, sexuality, campus and dating safety, depression, and anxiety. Special topics include plant-empowered wellness, bullying, family breakdown, dating violence, and resiliency.