Parenting Teens Speaker

Oh no, here comes puberty, driving, and funny phrases that you just don’t get!

Parents have profound influence in their children’s lives during the earlier developmental years. However, against many parents’ wishes, this all changes as kids grow up and become mobile, independent, and social.

The thought of losing majority influence in our children’s lives can be scary but can also be motivation to make the first years count, especially in the areas of setting guidelines for good nutrition, health practices, and values that will become the north star in their lives as they transition from little ones in our arms to young adults making their way in the world.

In Dr. Orie’s parenting talks she gets parents up to speed about the state of children’s health, youth trends, and how to respond to the next phase in their child’s development. Parents leave with a firm understanding of their role in supporting and directing their kids during the often turbulent tween, teen, and 20-something years.