“Helping young people achieve a strong body and mind to realize their dreams is my life’s work. Their wellbeing and success secures a future for all of us.” Dr. Orie  

Nourishing Dreams is dedicated to developing the next generation’s potential through nutrition aid and social emotional learning programs which provide them with the tools to handle what’s next in their lives. Our strategy encompasses the following a three-step approach:

First, we exist to create food sustainability for our youth by raising funds to support effective nutrition programs through our Nourishing Dreams Together initiative. Our goal is to support enough programs in enough communities to ensure that every child has somewhere to go to get the daily nourishment they need.

Secondly, we partner with like-minded organizations to bring social emotional learning to youth through our Young Lady Talks Over Tea and Gentlemen’s Stuff Gatherings programming. Social emotional learning is a missing piece of education in our youth’s lives that can help them to better navigate the challenges that come with relating to today’s world. It focuses on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Thirdly, we partner with forward thinking pediatric healthcare organizations and youth-serving businesses to design tailored programs, products, and services that are attuned to what youth need to grow up today.