An initiative feeding children in five countries, a wellness line that’s making superfoods an expectation rather than exception in the daily meal, and a collection of educational products and workshops that have touched hundreds prove that we’re ready for a radical shift in our health system.

Early in my career I was part of the care team for a teen who was constantly coming to the hospital presenting with issues that were really symptoms of larger problems in her life (e.g., adjusting to living away from home for the first time, the stress of figuring out what she wants to do with her life, poor eating habits, etc.). What was most concerning to me was that these issues weren’t being addressed for her.

After the third time that I encountered a teen with this same predicament it became clear to me that I needed to create something that gives young people the tools and information they need to better navigate their everyday challenges. That’s why and AskDrO Ventures were created for you.

The one question I’m most often asked: “Hey Dr. Orie how in the world did you get started in all this [AskDrO Ventures]?”


All of my life I’ve always been two things: (1) a student of wellness and (2) a free-spirit creative with disjointed interests – cartooning, theater, design, 90s R&B and neo-soul, gardening, black and white films, entrepreneurship, collecting vintage anything, to name a few. After years of being told that I’m all over the place my seemingly unconnected interests began coming together when I joined a team of pediatricians to create a digital product that helps small babies make it to see their first birthday. After the success of that project there were a few others with the most notable being a health surveillance system I created to help clinicians make timely treatment decisions for pediatric patients.

To keep the long story short, my analytical mind and creative soul eventually united in a way that was advantageous for approaching some of the toughest problems facing children and youth. I continued in this direction for a while and picked up a few awards along the way. I kept on, keepin’ on with a focus on teen and young adult needs and that’s how I landed where I am today.


Here at we’re here for you. Our every intention is to be a resource for the information and insight you need to make a positive impact in your life and the world around you. We’re always just a click away.

If you have a question that other teens and twentysomethings also need to hear please tweet it to me using #HeyDrOrie. If you would like to tell me about something that will make your life easier shoot me an email at

I believe in you. Peace and wellness.

XX Dr. Orie



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