About Dr. Orie

A little something about me.

Dr. Orie is a professor of Child Growth & Cognitive Development, Author, and Conscious Designer.

For over a decade Dr. Orie has dedicated her career to helping young people navigate growing pains and make sense of where they’re going. Along the way, she’s also pioneered ways to optimize the next generation’s potential. Most notable was developing a fetal-infant health surveillance system that transforms fragmented information about a patient into structured data that can be used to give children a better start in life and advocating for a state bill to create a treatment protocol that lessens the long-term effects of head trauma on young minds.

Outside of clinic doors Dr. Orie merges her insights on pediatric health with her wildly creative side to design a conscious line of accessories and lifestyle goods that generate funds to scale programs providing meals and medicine for children during their most critical window for brain development and growth. To date her initiative is nurturing children’s potential into the power to do anything in five countries.

With a unique commitment and connection to the next generation’s wellbeing, Dr. Orie also extends herself digitally to give young people the guidance they need to do and become something that matters, a burning desire that she shares with them. Specifically, teens and twentysomethings can tune into Generation Wellness Radio weekly to get Dr. Orie's input on common youth issues. They can also email her at show@drorie.com using subject line "Hey Dr. Orie" to get a chance to have their questions answered on her show.

Dr. Orie is also a frequent youth motivational speaker and a requested media contributor with appearances on CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox, among others.